Solar mesh shutter

Solar mesh shutter
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Effective thermal protection and light barrier

Recommended room type:

Thermal protection: filters out up to 80% of the radiant heat, so approx. It can be 5 degrees cooler in summer
Light blocking: sleep better, darken the room, approx. 85% darkening effect
Durable and weatherproof, special heat shielded material with a few cross lamellas
It reduces the noise of rain and hail by 7 dB
The VELUX mesh shutter stops the sun's heating rays before they reach the roof window glass. This effectively protects against the summer heat, keeping the room cool.

The durable light blocking material allows for darkening for a restful night’s sleep. With its modern design, it fits perfectly into the roof. The shutter is delivered during production with a paired wall switch, which makes it very easy to move, the installation is quick and trouble-free.

VELUX mesh shutters fit perfectly on VELUX roof windows. They are not visible when not in use, and their small top cover elegantly blends into the roof, regardless of the roofing material.

The shutter can be installed at home. If you need help, ask for the VELUX Recommended Installers offer.